What You Need To Start A Vegetable Garden

growing a garden

growing a gardenHave you ever thought about starting your very own vegetable garden? It is something that many people contemplate for several years without actually taking action. If they have the room to plant a garden on their property, and live in a temperate climate, all they have to do is obtain the proper supplies, seeds, and equipment necessary to get started once springtime arrives. There are many things that you need in order to get ready for your vegetable garden. Here is a brief overview of how you can start a vegetable garden this year.… Read the rest

IPad VS Kindle: Which Is The Better Value

Ipad vs Kindle

With so many choices available in the portable electronics world, finding the best touch screen device for your eBooks and general web surfing is getting more difficult. The iPad and the Kindle are clear leaders in the field but which one offers the best value? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of owning these contenders.

Ipad vs Kindle

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The IPad

1. Advantages of the iPad

* With more than 300,000 apps available in the iStore, you’ll be able to do just about anything you want to with a simple swipe of the finger.

* You can find an accessory that suits you. Since the iPad dominates the field, many different manufacturers are cashing in with attractive cases, external speakers, and easy-to-use wireless keyboards.

* The iPad does not break down. Apple designed to be a closed system which means that it will always be there ready and waiting for your commands.

* The iPad is simple and intuitive to use. Apple has taken great pains with the interface and you’ll be up and going within minutes without having to pour over user manuals.… Read the rest

Understanding the Current State of the USA’s Real Estate Market

home buyers

The real estate market in the USA is going through an interesting time. History shows that the real estate market is cyclical, with each boom followed by a bust. Over the last year or so, the housing market in the United States has gone through a period of impressive gains, and now it appears that we could be on the verge of a crash, but unlike other crashes from previous decades, this one may not affect everywhere, and housing prices could be volatile over the next few years.… Read the rest

How To Become A Dental Hygienist Today

Dental hygiene careers

Dental hygiene careersAre you thinking about becoming a registered dental hygienist? This is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. Not only are you able to work on your own schedule, but you can make a considerable amount of money by doing this profession on a full-time basis. Becoming an RDH is not that hard to do, as long as you follow certain steps to get the training and education that you need. Here are a few simple strategies that you can use to become a registered dental hygienist and start profiting from your career in the next few years.… Read the rest

The Future of Online Careers

Have you ever noticed how internet speeds always seem to be increasing? This trend isn’t just specific to any one country either. Taking a look at current news headlines will turn up reports that Korea is heavily investing in cutting-edge mobile internet technology and that the United Kingdom has recently been able to achieve download speeds clocking in at over one terabyte a second. So how will faster speeds be affecting you in the future?

As the world moves in the direction of internet faster than has been dreamed of by previous generation, some implications seem obvious. The personal implications are the ones we tend to think of first. At home entertainment is going to reach amazing capabilities. HD videos, which can sometimes push the limit even on modern bandwidth, will shortly be able to stream flawlessly in every home. The days of that annoying “buffering” message will soon be gone! Some of your favorite programs that right now needs to be installed locally on your workstation soon will stream over the internet.

The implications for the job market may not be quite so obvious, but this increase in speed will undoubtedly have a dramatic affect on the number of “work from home” jobs available. Faster technology always means faster communication. These new speeds will make video conferencing much more popular. Businesses will be able to save money on office space, and other office related expenses as they transition “traditional jobs” to become “digital jobs.” While production and efficacy is currently one of the biggest concerns preventing companies from making the leap into the digital job market, increased internet speeds will allow employers to not only more effectively communicate with their employees remotely, but also to constantly monitor all remote employees during work hours.

Although some employers are reluctant to take this leap, many are already utilizing current technologies and hiring at-home agents. They can expect to see the managing of such employees become much easier in the near future. Data entry positions make up a large portion of the ever expanding pool of available “telecommuting” jobs. More specifically the field of “Medical Billing and Coding” is one of the leading online industries. Not only do many potential employees see these available online job opportunities as super-convenient and cost-saving, but billers and coders can expect great pay. Of course, the job requirements are above those of your normal data entry position. Coders need a specific knowledge and skill set which can be acquired through medical coding college programs (many of which are also fully available online). Like a number of other job opportunities, coding and billing for healthcare institutions is a great option for people with a full-time job who are looking to transition into a new career path, but need a flexible training program to work with their schedules.

Job market history has shown us that global changes across industries does not happen all at once, so don’t expect a drastic change within the next couple of years. But it would be wise to start preparing for this change in career opportunities and making sure that you keep up-to-date with new technology. You want to make sure that when this transition does come in the next 5-10 years, you can remain competitive for any position in your industry that may become a “telecommuting” position. New technology is always great, but often requires additional effort of your part to familiarize yourself with it. Make sure you’re not getting left behind!… Read the rest

Skin Care at Sixteen Thousand Feet

It’s one of those rare and special trips a man can make. I am proud I was that man having made that trip.

I’m talking about a trip I made with my colleague and friend to Africa. To be more specific we went to Kenya, to climb Mount Kenya. Now this is not the highest mountain in Africa and neither the most famous. The highest peak in Africa is the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (19,341 feet).

But my friend convinced me to go for Mount Kenya, because it was much less touristy than Kilimanjaro (he was right).

I had never done anything like this, and had no idea how to prepare. Mount Kenya is “only” 16,355 feet high, but still high enough to cause AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness (this is due to the lack of oxygen at this altitude).

We would take a backpack, hire a carrier, and bring dry food and peanut butter to eat. Water would be there my friend assured me.

The Day of Departure

On the day before our departure I had a 100 degree fever and was feeling as sick as a dog. But I dragged myself to the airport, figuring I would fight the fever in the first couple of days we would be in Nairobi, the capital.

After an eight-hour flight, several aspirins and too much cognac, we arrived at the airport in Nairobi, and as by a miracle I was cured from my fever. The rest of my recovery went real fast.

As we started our hike up the mountain we limited the stuff we would carry to a minimum. Food, clothing, some toilet stuff and something to shave with. Finally we took some sun protection crèmes and other facial stuff that would give us the necessary protection at the higher altitude. This was skin care at 16.000 feet.

Day One of Climbing

The truck that brought us to the first base camp (about 10,000 feet above sea level) took several hours to reach. We stayed at that base camp for one night. Also to acclimatize to the already thin air. We slept in a wooden cabin, and warmed our dried food. In Kenya at that altitude you are in a tropical rain forest surrounding the mountains there. The food tasted wonderful.

Day Two of Climbing

The next day we went on on foot. Mount Kenya is a mountain that you don’t climb, but rather walk, be it pretty steep at times. Soon enough we reached the limit of the trees, after which we entered the so-called “Vertical Bog“. Not totally vertical, but still really steep.

Our porter that carried both our backpacks (!) (we only carried water, a snack, skin care stuff and ourselves) went ahead. Amazing how fast these guys almost “run” up that mountain.

This second day we walked for 8 straight hours. Up, up and up. After the trees came the fog, where it is hard to see where you’re going. But as long as it was up, I figured it would be OK. After the fog came nothing but rocks and sun. The skin care products were a smart idea.

We reached the final camp, which is about a 1000 feet under the summit when it was almost dark. The dried food with peanut butter tasted great again.

We both slept like a log in our sleeping bags in our wooden bunk beds.

The next day we did pretty much nothing but get used to the altitude. We slept, we read, we strolled around.

On Top of the World

The following day would be the day that we would do the final 1000 feet up. We woke up at 4am in the morning, woken by a guide that would help us.

We got dressed and started walking. The rocks on that final stretch had changed into pebbles. So it was two steps forward (or rather up), and one back because of the sliding.

At 7am we reached the top. Just in time to see the sunrise early morning over Africa. I was on top of the world!… Read the rest

Getting a Haircut and a Shave in Egypt

This was some years ago before all the turmoil that recently happened and is happening in Egypt.

In the time that everyone still “understood” Egypt, and that it was still a safe country to go to. I had been there before, but that was work related and that time I only visited the capital Cairo. This time it was a family holiday to the Red Sea.

The Red Sea

We booked a simple charter flight with an all-inclusive deal (food and lodging) at a local travel agent in the place we lived at that time. Having never been there, we didn’t care much where we went, and like Alice in Wonderland, any destination would do. Finally we choose Hurghada, with the hotel Bella Vista (good view).

We got there after an uneventful flight of about four hours. I never knew that a Boeing 737 could fly that far. The weather was gorgeous, and transportation to our hotel (always the tricky part) went really fast and smooth.

Our hotel was on the first floor and was good enough. Nothing 5 star, and that’s also not what we were looking for. Good beds, clean sheets. We had two rooms. One for my wife and me, and one for the kids.

Downtown Hurghada

To be honest, there is nothing like a downtown Hurghada. It’s a real small town, village even that lives of off tourism. How hard they must have been hit with the current political unrest and the staying away of the thousands of tourists that would bring in their necessary income.

Back to Hurghada. It is mainly a strip of big and bigger hotels on one side, bordering the see side, and on the other side there are shops and more shops. Either tailored to souvenirs for the tourists and or to providing sort of local food.

In tourist traps (sorry to call it that) there is really little authentic local life to be found. We tried to go off the main tracks and roads a couple of times, only to be met with buildings under construction or destruction and a lot of poverty.

The Only Authentic Thing We Did

The hotel food (remember we booked an all inclusive tour) was nothing special, but was good enough. One evening we did go out to a restaurant to get some different food, but for the rest we just stuck to the hotel dinners (and breakfast and lunch).

The really only authentic thing I did was getting a local haircut. I picked the most authentic barber and got my haircut. I pretty much do this in every place I have not been before.

Not only my hair was cut, but I also got a shave (with a knife blade) and my ear hairs trimmed. At home I have a complete set to trim every bit of facial hair I have, but I only took my beard trimmer with me on this holiday.

The hair cutting was fine. But when it came to trimming (or rather “extracting”) my ear hairs, it became really painful. They use a system called Threading. I had never experienced this before, and I won’t again. I had to tell the guy to stop because it was just too painful. I’ll stick to my home beard and facial hair trimmers in the future.… Read the rest

Big Family Cars and Doubling Our Fuel Reserve

Here in the United States we consume a lot of energy (in total the US consumes 25% of all the worlds generated energy). Burning fossil fuels generates most of the energy that we consume. We either burn coal or gas to power our electric appliances.

When it comes to driving our cars, about 90% (or more) burn regular gas (petrol for the British).

Finite Supplies

We all know that most of the oil that we use comes from the Middle East. And we also know that the amount of oil that is in the ground there is finite. One day there will be no more oil (or it will become too expensive to take it out of the ground).

The same holds true for the natural gas that comes out of the Middle East and Russia; one day that natural gas will also all have been used.

Specialists have predicted many times that we only had 50 years left of fossil fuels. As far as I can recall the first time they did that was when the first oil crisis hit in 1973. If they would have been right that time we would only have a little less than 10 years left currently before we would live in the dark for good.

Doubling Our Supplies

It is not totally true that we have actually found twice as much available oil and natural gas. Although new oil and gas fields have been found, and technology has developed and improved to exploit old oil and gas fields further.

The biggest jump in stretching the time that we have left with our finite fossil fuels, has been made by making pretty much everything what we use a lot more energy efficient.

Take the light bulb. The incandescent lamp produces only 3% of effective light, and 97% of wasted heat. While the new LED lights are 98% effective when it comes to producing light

The same holds true for automobiles. When we started driving the T-Ford, a gallon of fuel would only carry you 13 miles or so. Modern family cars (typically the plugin-hybrid types) can push that to 50 miles per gallon. This more than triples the distance you can travel with these types of cars and much faster and with a lot more comfort.

The possible downside of the increased fuel efficiency in bigger family cars is that people tend to opt for a bigger car faster, rather than going for a small(er) family car. Whereby the fuel efficiency of a smaller car will always be better than that of a bigger car.

Renewable Energies

With still increasing geo-political world tensions, it makes sense to keep investing in more and more sources of renewable energy.

Without getting into politics, the ability to be self sufficient when it comes to producing the energy needed in a country or society, will always be preferred than being dependent on countries that have something that you don’t (in this case fossil fuels).

When it comes to cars, there are already 100% electric powered cars. The only downside is that a pedestrian might not hear the car coming because it is so silent when it is approaching.… Read the rest

High-Tech Training: The Rise of the Elliptical Machine

We live in a society that is obsessed with the superficial. Looks have never been more important. And as far as looks go, there is just about a million different ways to achieve the desired physique. Some use Botox, or plastic surgery, others go on diets to lose weight, or use various (and dubious) weight loss products. Some resort to exercising tirelessly to get in shape.

Honestly, the latter is the only effective way to lose weight and get healthy but most people are not willing to put in the effort. Healthy diet combined with regular exercise – we all know this is the only real answer but it is difficult and no quick fix! We all seem to be interested in the easy way and that is perfectly understandable since exercising, in addition to being difficult, can be tedious and repetitive, and your motivation will begin to wane slowly. Also, most people can’t find the time to go to the gym regularly. This is part of the reason why home exercise systems are becoming more and more popular among workout enthusiasts. This is especially true of elliptical trainers, a relative newcomer to the home exercise market.

What’s So Special about Elliptical Machines?

Why elliptical trainers? What sets them apart from your usual home exercise equipment, such as treadmills or stationary bikes? Why are their sales skyrocketing? There are several reasons for this. First of all, elliptical trainers provide you with a low-impact workout and the same cannot be said for treadmills. Putting all of your weight on one leg during the workout puts too much strain on your joints and tendons, which can cause injury in the long run. Also, you will notice that most exercise machines are designed to target either your lower or upper body or simply a specific group of muscles, which means you would need several workout units in order to exercise your entire body. Elliptical trainers, on the other hand, provide you with a full body workout. You exercise your lower body as you put in effort to operate to foot pedals, and your upper body, as you operate the handlebars. This effectively means that there is no more need for you to purchase several exercise machines. You can find out more about elliptical machines by visiting www.ellipticalmachineadvice.com, which offers an in-depth overview of numerous models, full reviews and their pros and cons.

Furthermore, elliptical trainers have really embraced technology and people love their tech these days! All of them have a central console and an LCD panel, which allows you to choose one of the pre-set workout routines, and find the one that fits your needs best. Also, a lot of them are equipped with sound systems and ports for portable music players, which gives a whole new dimension to exercising and keeps it from getting stale. The designers really Get the benefits of added technology on the user – both as entertainment and advanced exercise routines.

One additional benefit of elliptical trainers becoming more popular is the fact that their price keeps going down steadily. They used to costs thousands of dollars. Top-of-the-line models crammed with latest technology still cost that much, but there are now many affordable models which anyone can get for several hundred dollars. Getting in shape and staying there has never been easier and more accessible, and you should wait no further to start thinking about your health. You have to invest in your health and home exercise appeals to many people with busy lifestyles. Ellipticals help by bringing something really advanced and modern and by keeping things interesting – exercise is never boring with one of these machines!… Read the rest

4 Fantastic Outdoor Activities

There are a lot of things that you can do outdoors. Whether you are an outdoorsy type of person or not, you will still enjoy what the outdoors have to offer. Therefore, if you wish to start a fun outdoor activity, here are some of the best choices:

  1. Trekking. This is perfect since there really is no pressure. You just have to walk long distances based on your own pace. You don’t have to run after time. The point of trekking is to enjoy the entire process. You can chitchat with your friends along the way. You can also stop by to take photos. You can even go for camping if you wish to. You don’t even have to choose a difficult path to trek.

  2. Zip lining. This activity is extremely fun. It only lasts for a few seconds, but the memories can last forever. You will enjoy the entire activity especially the thrill that comes with it. Rest assured this activity is safe. Those who will guide you know exactly what to be done. The equipment is well prepared. They are also checked every now and then to see if the equipment they use is secure enough or not. If you are afraid, you can do this with a friend. Usually, zip lines are available for two people to try things out at the same time.

  3. Hunting. The first thing that you need to do if you wish to conduct this activity is to train. This is fun, but can be a little risky. You also have to secure permits to avoid trouble with the government. You should also hunt during hunting season only. You can either use a gun for hunting or a crossbow if you wish to hunt, classic style. This is very exciting especially if you are lucky enough to find a catch.

  4. Teambuilding activities. This has to be done under the leadership of a facilitator or groups of people. This is done outdoors since most activities need bigger space. This is perfect since the activities may provide important lessons about leadership and in life as a whole.

Try these activities out when you have time and you will surely enjoy what they have to offer. www.crossbowcritic.com is a good website where you can read about outdoor activities.… Read the rest

Top Benefits of Buying an SUV Over Smaller Vehicles

Family cars Australia imageThere is always pressure when buying a new car for the family especially because you have to get good value for your money and make sure it is suitable to your needs.

It is enticing to choose one of the many smaller vehicles especially because of expensive gas prices and climate change, but taking a closer look at the advantages of larger vehicles such as  SUV can help you decide.

The following are the top benefits of SUVs as a family car.

Bigger Space

If you are a large family, you need an SUV to be able to transport everyone. This avoids multiple trips or bringing multiple vehicles. It takes lower gas expense, plus you do not add up more traffic and pollution on the road. It is enough to take everyone on a family trip out of town.


There are some SUVs that demonstrate superiority from smaller cars especially in terms of safety. You don’t want to be subject to accidents, right? Theoretically speaking, if you will face a smaller vehicle with an SUV, the smaller one will lose in a head-on collision. When it comes to your loved ones, safety should be a priority. SUVs are also better in case you are caught up in floods.

Better Gas Mileage

There are more SUV models these days that are more efficient in gas. Some are even rated to up to 30 miles per gallon, or even more. This is why it is an excellent option especially if your family loves to take a long road trip.

Better Performance

SUVs are better performing because of  transmissions, differentials, beefy suspension systems, underbody protection and ground clearance. SUVs have fenders designed for longer suspension travel, as well as hoods that slide away from its driver.

These are only some of the benefits of SUVs. If you are to buy one for your family, it pays to read reviews from actual owners. It helps you choose the right manufacturer and model. Do not be easily convinced by others, though. It helps if you can make your own comparison and decide on what’s best depending on your needs. You can also consult the other members of the family.

Image Source.… Read the rest

What Men Really Want – Wheels, Speed & Gadgets!

With Easter looming on the horizon I’ve been reminded how fast this year seems to be going. I don’t know about you but I don’t know where the time goes these days. I saw something online the other day that counted the number of weeks until Christmas and it wasn’t that big a number. So instead of feeling like Christmas has only just gone, I’m now starting to think it will be here again all too soon. Apparently, “us men” are difficult to buy for, or “downright impossible” as my wife likes to tell me. So in the spirit of goodwill I decided to draw up a list of a few things that men like me might like to receive for Christmas. So ladies, listen up.

1. Driving experience days – you can’t go wrong with anything that involves wheels and speed. There’s nothing like getting the chance to be in control of a powerful car that would make James Bond jealous. There are plenty of tracks around the country that sell vouchers for different experiences and vehicles – Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and even real NASCAR race cars.

2. Now and then the inner chef in me comes out. I fancy myself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen and readily admit that I find it a good way to de-stress after a hard week at work, and it earns me brownie points with the wife too. One of my pride and joys is my Wüsthof knife set. I don’t let anyone else use it – us men can be possessive like that – and I like to take care of it. Is there anything more manly than sharpening your knives? I use a sharpening steel but would like one of the 3-stage electric sharpeners that you can get.

3. Technology and gadgets, some things will just never fail to please. A 3D TV is on my wish list and I like to support home grown brands. We have a 40″ VIZIO TV at the moment but now I want bigger, with 3D to boot. I’d be happy to stick with VIZIO, you get a lot of TV for your buck with this brand. A box set of my favourite TV series to accompany it would be an awesome accompanying gift too. And a subscription to Netflix or similar. That is something that I’d like just for the hell of it, and those kinds of gifts are always nice coming from others.

4. To go with the new TV I’d be more than happy with a new surround sound system and here is where I do not do budget. As good as our TV is in every other respect, the sound is not the best and nothing can compare to a decent external sound system. The BeoLab 14 system from Bang and Olufsen is a high end gift coming in around $2500, and that’s just the basic set, but in my view it’s worth every cent.

5. If all else fails ladies, you really can’t go wrong with a bottle of our favorite aftershave and a bottle of our favorite tipple. We are simple folk really and if you’re happy then so are we.

Oh by the way, for those that are wondering – there are 38 weeks until Christmas.… Read the rest

Rechargeable Flashlights and Cars, The Never Ending Love Affair

Rechargeable Flashlights and CarsThe invention of the car has perhaps been one of the most appreciated inventions, which helped shape the world as we know it.

Not only cars made transportation a lot easier than before, but it also integrated with our societies to become an inseparable part. But like anything which has made our lives even remotely easier, the car also presents itself with its own share of problems and the worst of them all are the sudden breakdowns in the middle of nowhere.
Especially when it’s night. And for times like these, there is perhaps nothing better than rechargeable flashlights which can help you diagnose your problem a little better.

Why Rechargeable Flashlights?

When speaking of sudden breakdowns, most people would choose anything but a flashlight to handle the crisis. But have you ever thought that no matter how good of a mechanic you are, how will you fix a car if you can’t see anything?

This is a common problem that most car owners face on a regular basis, and as a result, they have to dish out thousands of dollars on emergency breakdown services. But if you end up choosing just a flashlight, then here are the problems that you may be plagued with:

Power Outs – Even though battery operated flashlights have a lot of benefits, the battery consumption of the battery operated flashlight cannot be trusted not to leave you with a complete blackout. Until and unless you have backup batteries to keep you flowing with unlimited power for the flashlight.

Dimming – It is true that most battery operated flashlights can last for as long as 2 hours in turbo mode, but once they start losing power, they put you in poor lighting conditions, which can be harmful for both your eyes and the flashlight.

Size – A big issue with battery-operated flashlights is that they are usually big in size and heavy, which makes them very difficult to carry around and maneuver. And the smaller flashlights which use AA or AAA batteries often pack less power, and they might run out at any given time.

If you truly want to avoid the problems mentioned above and choose a decent flashlight for your car, then the best choice for you would have to be a flashlight with rechargeable batteries. The main reason why most people prefer rechargeable flashlights is because of the sheer range of benefits they provide the user, some which are :

Elimination of Batteries – A big problem with traditional flashlights is that users always need to have spare batteries at their disposal, simply because there is no guarantee how long the batteries will last. With rechargeable tactical lights, users no longer need to carry multiple spare batteries because they can recharge the batteries anywhere with the help of a charger.

Variation of Size – Since the requirement for traditional batteries is almost entirely eliminated, the flashlight is no longer dependent on the size of the battery and can come in a variation of sizes. Which means that users can choose lightweight flashlights, without any loss in power.

Standard battery operated flashlights do come with the longest list of benefits, but they can also present their own set of problems in crises. Which is why it is always best to keep rechargeable flashlights for those emergencies.… Read the rest

How Kayaking With the Kids Can Bring a Family Closer Together

There are few things in life that I enjoy more than mini-adventures with my family. Whether it is trekking through a forest, exploring a new city, or discovering secrets within our own neighborhood, adventures are a family necessity that everyone looks forward to. One of the best forms of adventure we have found is kayaking together. A day trip up to Cape town with a picnic lunch and double sea kayaks provides some great bonding time for the entire family.

The secret to bonding through adventure is to choose an enjoyable activity that challenges the entire family. Sea kayaking is a great activity because it is physically demanding for both the parents and the children as well as mentally and socially challenging. While basic sea kayaking does not require a lot of specialized skills, like river kayaking, it can still be exhausting to paddle for an entire day, which is why when we chose our family sea kayaks we made sure we researched the best sea kayak for our adventures and read all the touring kayak reviews. We like to divide the family based on strength, our older daughter pairs with mom and our younger one pairs up with dad. That way each child gets to bond with a parent and if the kids get tired the parents, taking the back seat in the kayak, can get us home safely. We like to choose an island we haven’t been to before, paddle out to it, have a lunch, and return to the mainland. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day makes us feel like a team. It increases our daughter’s confidence and helps us to be able to trust their blossoming abilities as we can see how much they are really capable of.

While we are having fun and building a sense of accomplishment we are also building our social skills as a family. Learning to paddle together takes a lot of patience and good communication skills. We practice really listening to each other as well as learning how to express ourselves when we are frustrated or tired. These are great skills that can be brought back to everyday life and help create a sense of harmony in the home.

I don’t want to sound like our trips up to the cape are all work and no play. The main reason we go is to share fun together as a family. Cruising by the lighthouse or seeing dolphins together can be an unforgettable experience that I know we will cherish as a family. These happy memories work as a glue that holds a family together when the children are growing. It allows them to recognize their parents as fun people and allows parents to recognize children as the young adults they are turning into. Inside jokes, pictures of our whole family smiling, and a feeling of accomplishment will stay with us far longer than our sunburned arms and the taste of the sea.

There are many adventures you can take your kids on. While sea kayaking might not be right for every family it is definitely worth a try. Whether it is a good or bad experience you will certainly build memories to last a lifetime.… Read the rest